Proposed Club Rules

Special General Meeting – Club Rules Book

This note outlines as per current Rule 16 (2), to inform all Members, that the Managing Committee proposed a full amendment of the current Club Rules book dated 14 November 2012 (the last reprint).

• The following is a summary of the rationale and main changes proposed:
• The current printed copy of the Club Rules book is clearly out of date;
• That since the last reprint a number of Club Rules have already been rescinded or amendments approved by Members at previous General Meetings held for that purpose since 2012;
• This was outlined at the recent AGM;
• The Chairman and the Managing Committee therefore commissioned that the Club Rules book to be reviewed, updated to reflect changes and where possible improved;
• A printed copy is available in the Secretary’s Office if a Member required a copy;
• All queries or points raised by Members have been acknowledged by the Managing Committee, replied to / considered or where possible added to the draft Club Rules book as proposed amendments;
• The final draft and its layout will help members navigate more easily through the jargon,
this includes, a contents page and section headings with the relevant Club Rules grouped together;
• The Section headings and relevant Rule number(s) are as follows:
o Introduction – Rules 1 to 5;
o Club Rules – Rule 6;
o Application for Membership – Rules 7 to 14;
o Meetings – Rule 15;
o Officers – Rules 16 & 17;
o The Managing Committee – Rules 18 to 20;
o Elections – Rule 21;
o Financial Matters – Rules 22 to 31;
o Other relevant information and interpretation – Rules 32 to 35.
• Your support and comments received to date have been gratefully welcome in producing your
Club Rules book.

Members are invited to attend the Special General Meeting called for that purpose and therefore
asked to approve the proposed new Club Rules book for immediate use.

Upon approval the Club Rules book this will be formally registered in accordance with the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 via the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and upon receipt of the FCA acknowledgement and registered, the Club Rules book will then be sent to Redcar & Cleveland Council (the Licensing Authority) for their records.

Managing Committee
Eston and Normanby Social Club and Institute Limited
(Register number 9877R)

Click Here to download a copy of the proposed club rules